What If Some Of The World’s Most Famous Brands Combined Logos With Their Biggest Competitors

Imagine if some of the most renowned brands were forced to team up with their biggest rivals and produce a new company logo that’s a hybrid of the two.

DesignCrowd ran a contest asking its community to do exactly that. It asked them to find high-resolution images of competing brand logos, and to then re-design them, to create a logo that’s a mixture of the two.

Which entry is your favorite?

More info: designcrowd.com

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Apple | Android

Hewlett-Packard | Dell

Google | Yahoo

McDonald’s | Burger King

Apple | Microsoft

Costa Coffee | Starbucks

Visa | Mastercard

Apple | Android

Lacoste | Kangol

Duracell | Energizer

Nike | adidas

Katy Perry | Taylor Swift

Apple | Android (again)

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